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NET Deed Plotter® (Registered & Trademarked name of Greenbrier Graphics LLC )

NET Deed Plotter® draws Metes & Bounds (M&B) tracts and operates in ONLY Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.
(Any Version prior to V5.62 is no longer available. Support for Versions 5.60 and 5.61 still available)
* PLUS a 8-hour Continuing Education Seminars on each software are available.  Contact Mike Johnson for costs, times and locations of the next ones.

  • Ever need to know the closure accuracy, the acreage, or shape of a legal description?
  • How do various tracts fit together?
  • Where does that easement fall in the Tract?
  • What is the remainder area after an easement or exception?

Google Earth World File Add-On is now available for NET Deed Plotter®. This is a FREE add-on. This add on to NET Deed Plotter® will enable a NET Deed Plotter® user to utilize Google Earth imagery without having to purchase other aerialimages.

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  • Automatically calculates area, net area of keeps & exceptions, closure and precision.
  • Curve Data Entry Window is redesigned to allow for MORE easy curve data input, can draw Tangent curves with as few as three elements. Non-Tangent curves need at least 4 elements of data.
  • Icons were added, and the menus were made easier to understand and use.
  • The Deed Call Editor has been redesigned. Now accepts Cardinal Directions (due North, East, South & West as  N E S & W ).
  • The map is always drawn in a "paper view".
  • Tract information is visible by simply moving the mouse into the tract.
  • The mouse can drag tracts and text as you mouse.
  • You have several options related to the data and border to be shown on the paper.
  • Images digital topographic, aerial photos etc.,  or other geo-referenced maps in BMP, JPG or TIF formats can be shown in the background.
  • Shows Dynamic bearings and distances feet, meters, chains, bars, poles / chains-poles-links / poles-links,  rods and perches are the same as poles.
  • Senses line segments & existing corners of non-adjacent parcels, program will write the descriptions for this new parcel
  • Users Set Scale - users add labeling text
  • Key Pad Manual Entry option
  • Calculates Areas & Closures, English / Metric
  • Zooms to visually show gaps or overlaps
  • Revised "Deed Conversion" - reads MORE text directly from your Word Processor, metes & bounds (bearings & distances) text or OCR scanned files directly
  • Optional entry of Coordinates has been simplified and can be saved as a Text File
  • Creates Easements from Centerline language, "squared off" the ends or match the adjoiner.
  • Enhanced "Save As" DFX formats ( in either Feet or Meters ) CAD or GIS, or BitMap for word processors.
  • "Draw Tract With Mouse" feature for freehand sketching of a fence line or pond, etc.
  • Allows Multiple parcels in same file, i.e. exceptions or adjacent tracts
  • Interprets Rectangular Survey, assumes "Standard" sized Sections or parts, i.e. NW1/4 or N1/2SE1/4 or W1/2E1/2 or West 2,600 ft of the North 4,000 ft., etc.
  • Does "Keeps & Exceptions" & Calculates net areas.


The Legal Description you want Plotted

Commencing at the SW corner of Section 33, T.33N., R.79W., 6th P.M., thence N.8951' E., a distance of 547.88 feet of the Point of Beginning; thence N.00°17' W., a distance of 893.75 feet; thence N.81°55'28" E. a distance of 1,173.10 feet; thence along a CURVE to the right having a radius of 1,000 feet, a chord bearing S.02°46'16" E. a chord distance of 548.12 feet; thence S.24°33'37" W. a distance of 554.01 feet; thence S.89°33'41" W. a distance of 953.14 feet, to the Point of Beginning. Click here to see an example.

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