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Each ALL TOPO MAPS state collection is fully searchable by place name, map name, location and Township/Range and in some states Section. ALL TOPO MAPS will convert Lat/Lon and UTM coordinates to annotated map locations. The ALL TOPO MAPS: GPS Tool makes uploading and downloading waypoints, routes and trackpoints to your Garmin/Lowrance/Eagle/Magellan GPS easy. Real Time Tracking displays your current position on the map showing on your laptop, as you drive.

Lightning fast, full-featured viewing software allows instant map selection using the built in place name database, zooming to any scale, instant coordinate display, straight line, traced distance measurements and printing at any scale both in color and black & white.

Entire maps or viewed portions of maps may be copied to the clipboard as bitmaps (and manipulated) or directly printed. Maps may be directly exported to .TIF and .TFW worldfile formats for use with CAD and GIS applications or display over Google Earth.

BigTopo automatically seams quadrangles (collars/boarders removed) to build huge map images. These images can be used in ALL TOPO MAPS or exported as generic pictures to other applications and GIS/CAD tools.

Help Files

Here are some HELP files as PDFs, directed to specific topics for both ATMs (All Topo Maps) & NDP (NET Deed Plotter®®), for you to view and print, if you would like. If these file do indeed help you I'd like to hear about it or if you are having a specific problem, other folks are probably having the same and I should address it.  Let me know, use the eMail address below.  Check back occasionally as new HELP files are added periodically.

Set up suggestions

PLS (Public Land Survey) Tool Example

Meander Usually Means Trouble

GPS Functions

GeoLink-Attribute Viewer

Example Map NET Deed Plotter®® to All Topo Maps

Deed Conversion from JPG or scanned file

Auto Geolink, the tie between your Digital Camera & GPS

Inserting Aliquots from Text into ATMs

ATM-V7 and WY DOQQs info NEW with UWYO info

Copy Map Data to Hard Drive

Making Multiple Annotations Files Show Together

Texas M&B and All Topos

V7 Update and Center Pivot Sprinklers




PLS Tool Option  Adds real-time display of cursor position by Township, Range and 1/4 1/4 Section or off set from a section corner in feet or meters!  If you use Township and Range coordinates for any type of work, this tool will save you a lot of time!  Currently the PLS tool is available for ALL of the western states including Alaska, most of the mid-west states and the Gulf coast states.  See the complete list on the Order Form to see if your state is listed. 

PLS Tools Option


  • Creates custom topo maps known as "Big Topos", that you can "freehand" draw over, or "snap" around parcels, then add text and symbols.  ( You can make your own symbols, if the extensive library is not enough for you).
  • Search by Township and Range in PLS (Public Land Survey) states.   Now in some PLS states, a "PLS Tool" has been developed where you can search for  ALIQUOT parts, in Sections, Township and Range.  In a search data box you can enter Aliquots section parts like:  N½SE¼SW¼, Sec. 12,  T12S,  R56W, 5th PM,  it will draw that part on the map !!  If you work with legal descriptions, the All Topo Maps search engine will save you hours of time looking for 'the right map.
  • Quickly find the map you want to view, by place name or by map name.
  • Display maps quickly, zoom in or out to any scale, move to adjacent maps by double clicking in the map border.
  • Measure straight line distances using the {Measurement Spike}.
  • Calculates the "Average Maximum Slope %" inside a defined polygon and prints a report detailing the coordinates used to define the polygon to make its calculations.
  • Georeferance places on the map images.
  • Find locations by entering Lat/Lon or UTM coordinates, as read from a GPS, display the map and place an annotation at the location.  OR it can also use other coordinates, such as UTM, State PLane, MGRS and USNG.
  • Upload/download waypoints, routes and trackpoints to your Garmin/Lowrance/Eagle/Magellan GPS.
  • With GPS connected, Real Time Tracking displays your current position on the map as you drive.
  • Annotate maps with waypoints, text, symbols, lines (connecting waypoints) and hyperlinks to web and multimedia content.
  • Is a free standing application, does NOT require NET Deed Plotter®® to operate.
  • Accepts the NET Deed Plotter®® output, so you can see your parcel outline & topographical background.  If you have the "Deed Plotter DXF Interchange Option"
  • Export maps and portions of maps, including annotations, 1,000 meter UTM grid lines to the clipboard, printer or to high end GIS programs that accept georeferenced .tif's.




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