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NET Deed Plotter® (Registered & Trademarked name of Greenbrier Graphics LLC )

NET Deed Plotter ® operates in ONLY Windows 7, 8, 8.1 &10 only, draws Metes & Bounds tracts.
(Any Version prior to V5.61 is no longer available or supported)
*PLUS a 8-hour Continuing Education Seminar on better understanding M&B and how to get that information into the software is available.
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Custom Mapping Services

Custom mapping of your legal descriptions is available.   Many options are available, they can be delivered back to you in a PDF format for immediate printing on your printer/plotter OR Johnson Mapping Software can do the printing and send via the USPS mail, FedEX or UPS.  

Depending on the type of the legal description that you need drawn would dictate which software package should be used.

If your description is Metes & Bounds (M&B), i.e.  North 23°56'02" West for 101.34 feet,  ( aka Bearing & Distance), then probably using the NET Deed Plotter only, may be appropriate.  (But could be shown over a digital topo map if needed).


The links below show several different PDF printings of the same ranch.  One with a more "wash" shading pattern over different ranch parts,  and one with more of a line fill pattern over the parts, both with a general topo map background.  The third has the line fill pattern but with "hill shading".  (Zoom in at 200% on the hill just west of the big reservoir in the 1,526.81 Acre pasture for the best evidence of the "hill shading".  Overall this is quite level country and so "hill shading" has less effect".   The 4th & 5th maps are a dramatic example with the without "hill shading" on the area of the Grand Teton Peak, in Teton National Park of Wyoming.   For the "hill shaded" map, the sun was placed in the NW sky at a low angle, so you will see shadows on the east and south sides of the peaks and ridges.   Compare this map to the non-shaded one and see the dynamic difference.

These are large 15 meg PDF files so they do take some time to load.  Just be patient.   I recommend that you zoom in to at least 150% - 200% to see the quality of the underlying digital topo maps.   Having been printed to a PDF file, the quality and clarity, etc.,  has been greatly reduced.   ALL of these maps look much better when printed directly of the All Topo Maps software to your color printer or plotter.   

Ranch_1        Ranch_2        Ranch_3     Grand Teton with Hill Shading     Grand Teton withOUT Hill Shading 

Or if, your description is Aliquot Section parts (Rectangular Survey or PLS - Public Land Survey), i.e.  N½SW¼, NW¼, E½, Section 12, T.34N., R.80W., 6th PM., then using the All Topo Maps would be the best. 

Or if your descriptions is a combination of these two descriptions types, says have 1,000 acres of Aliquot parts, less 3 exceptions and 2 easements with M&B language, obviously BOTH the NET Deed Plotter® and All Topo Maps would be needed.

What are the Costs of Custom Mapping ?   A fee for the time @ $80/hour (½ hour minimum) is charged.   Print costs depend on the size and volume of the output you need, and some shipping.

Our mappers need to see what is involved with your description before quoting a potential fee.  So, Call first and talk about it, then either FAX (307-235-9976) or eMail your scanned documents or MSWord/Word Perfect text files to us for a quote.  

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