Easy Entry into NET Deed Plotter+®TM

Entry inputs are easy. North 0017'00" West for 893.75 feet would be entered as n00.1700w 893.75
(Type in CURVE & press [Enter], the DATA Window appears to input data ==>)

You only need to fill in 3 of the 9 options shown, if it is a Tangent Curve.


After the entries above are completed, press [F2] to Draw, the Tract #1 seen below will appear.

+ Tract 1:25.3315 Acres; 1103439 Sq Feet; Closure = n51.4728w 0.20 Feet; Precision = 1/20217; Perimeter = 4129 Feet

With a slight bit of editing to add the beginning Section corner, and adding the offset call ( from the Point of Beginning to the TRUE Point of Beginning), then the image will show in the correct location of the Section, as seen on the right.   .





"Deed Plotter+® DXF Interchange Option"

Placing your Deed Plotter®+ file on a digital USGS topo map is very easy. NET Deed Plotter+® and the All Topo Maps software (that reads digital USGS topo maps ) now can be used together with the Deed Plotter+® DXF Interchange Option.

If you ALREADY have the NET Deed Plotter+® and the All Topo Maps applications, ALL you needs in the connecting tool, the Deed Plotter+® DXF Interchange Option.

The All Topo Maps application allows you to call up digital topo maps by map name, place-names, features or a Lat/Long coordinate. Map are viewed as individual sheets. But if the area you what to see extends off the sheet you’re looking at, you click in the margin and the adjacent topo sheet will load.

One of the most powerful elements of the All Topo Maps is the BIG-TOPO feature. For the sample just stated where the area you want to look at is located on two or more topo sheets, the BIG-TOPO allows you pick a location and tell the program to create a new "custom" map that is "X" miles high and "Y" miles wide, with your selected location in the middle.

It creates the map and "re-collars" the new map with the Lat./Long. of the corners. When you go to print the map, after importing all of the NET Deed Plotter® properties (i.e. subject and comps), etc., the a map scale bar is also added to the bottom of the map.

  After creating a new "custom" BIG-TOPO map (or just using a standard digital topo sheet), you now would select a point on the map and "add to the waypoint list" The image on the left would show up after you clicked on the Deed Plotter® Tab. You now browse to the file name, select line width and color and the property shape from the Deed Plotter® file will appear on the All Topo Maps map. Edit to add text, etc., select the scale and print.