GEWorldFile  (Google Earth World File)

The purpose of the GEWorldFile  tool, is to allow the users of the NET Deed Plotter® (metes & bounds legal description mapping software) to create a World File for Google Earth Images AND therefore be able to load the Google Earth image into the NET Deed Plotter®  as a background image.

NOTE:  You need to be aware that you will be using this GEWorldFile  tool and the it's output at your own risk.  There are NO WARRANTIES, implied or written, are given as to the accuracy of the underlying Google Earth data that is being used.

Using GEWorldFile


GEWorldFile will help you quickly generate a world file for use with a map or orthophoto image that does not have an existing world file. This can be useful when you clip an image from an online resource like Google Earth or Microsoft's Virtual Earth.

GEWorldFile does not specify an insertion point, only a scale factor. This is all that is needed for programs that are spatially un-aware.   Although the NET Deed Plotter®, in not inherently spatially aware, if you add a UTM coordinate to the first line of the file, that file is then spatially aware.  But, even with the UTM  the NET Deed Plotter® tracts can be "moved" around on the Google Earth image background, as the user wants.  


GEWorldFile is supplied at no charge. No support, other than this help file is provided.

You can report issues by email to


GEWorld File is installed using a single file automatic installation tool. The tool will suggest an installation path and will automatically place a runtime icon in the "Net Deed Plotter®" start menu and on your desktop.

The default location is ..\Program Files\GEWorldFile\*, you must have read/write permission for this location to install AND run GEWorldFile. If you do not have administrative rights to the 'Program Files' folder, it is suggested that you change the default installation path to a location where you have full rights(perhaps 'My Documents\GEWorldFile'.)

click here to download the Using GEWorldFile PDFto download the Using Google  Earth World File PDF
click here to download the Testing GEWorldFile PDFto download the Testing the GEWorldFile tool PDF
click here to download the tool itself. to down load the tool itself. This file is an executable (.exe)