"All Topo Maps - General Software Training."
An 8-Hour Seminar

What can I expect at the Seminar?:

The primary objective of the seminar is to give the student (as a user of paper - printed USGS topographic maps), the skills and tools to deal with digital USGS topo maps & GPS (Global Positioning System). Therefore, allowing them to draw and find land parcels, with several different coordinate systems ( Latitude / Longitude, UTM and State Plane ) AND also draw Public Survey Aliquot parts. In Public Land states, where there are Sections, Townships, Ranges and PMs, that is the way lands are indexed.


By way of a brief overview of this seminar, the whole 1st half is dedicated to teaching the student ONE way to:

  1. setup the system options;
  2. find the right map;
  3. creation and management of Annotation Source files;
  4. using the "best" cursor for you desired task;
  5. create a new custom Big Topo Map;
  6. drawing parcels ( or lines in general ) via freehand and snapping on corners drawing straight lines between;
  7. drawing sectional Aliquot parts via PLS (Public Land Survey ) Tool and PLS Magnet tool;
  8. adding text / map labels;
  9. printing and much more.

The 2nd half of the seminar is "fleshing out" the "one way" skeleton that was presented in the 1st half with some of the many options to the basic steps previously completed, AND the use of many other tools. There are so many different ways to get the same task done, one of the options might suit a student better than another, therefore the options are discussed.

Topics and tools covered include:

This Seminar has been approved for 8 hours of Continuing Education by:

AAPL -American Association of Professional Landmen
AI -Appraisal Institute - as a "Credible Topic"
IRWA -International Right of Way Association
ASFMRA  -American Society of Farm Managers & Rural Appraisers
IAAO -International Association of Assessing Officers
Arizona -Arizona Board of Appraisal
Alaska -Board of Appraisal
California -Office of Real Estate Appraisal - Course #02260C102
Colorado   -State Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers
-Supreme Court Board of CLE
Idaho   APPROVAL REQUESTED  - Bureau of Occupational Licensing (for Real Estate Appraisers)
APPROVAL REQUESTED -Tax Commission (for Idaho County Assessors)
APPROVAL REQUESTED -Title Insurance Commission (for Idaho real estate examiners)
Montana  -Real Estate and Appraiser Board # MT-REA-020516
-Title Insurance Commission  - Course # 344-1000-001
Nebraska -Dept of Property  Assessment & Taxation  - No Course Number
Nevada -Dept of Business & Ind. , Real Estate Div.  - Course #7507
Oklahoma -Real Estate Appraiser Board AAP-140-001
-Office of Real Estate Commission  (Application is pending approval.)
-Insurance Department for Title Examiners  E171-001
-Oklahoma State Bar (Application is pending approval.)
South Dakota Dept of Comm. & Reg. , Appr. Certification  #SD 337 CE
Texas -Texas Appraiser Licensing & Certification Board
-Texas Department of Insurance - Real Estate Title Office
Utah -Department of Commerce, Real Estate Division  Course # 02-08-13
-Department of Insurance - Course # CLA-PC-11034
-Utah State Bar (By Form 4 Application)
West Virginia Appraiser Board & Real Estate Commission 
Wyoming   -Division of Ad Valorem Taxation (Dept. of Revenue)
- Real Estate Certified Appraiser Board & Real Estate Comm.
-Department of Insurance  -  Course # 7482
-Wyoming Bar Association for CLE

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