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NET Deed PlotterĀ® (Registered & Trademarked name of Greenbrier Graphics LLC )

NET Deed Plotter® draws Metes & Bounds (M&B) tracts and operates in ONLY Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10.
(Any Version prior to V5.62 is no longer available. Support for Versions 5.60 and 5.61 still available)
*PLUS a 8-hour Continuing Education Seminar on better understanding M&B and how to get that information into the software is available.
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for costs, times and locations of the next ones.

"Computer Plotting of Legal Descriptions for the Layman"
An 8-Hour Seminar

What can I expect at the Seminar?:

The seminar is designed to give the student a better understanding of the language of legal descriptions. It gives suggestions on handling "problem" or incomplete descriptions. This Seminar is best done in a computer lab, giving students "hands-on" experience. N/ET Deed Plotter® is used in the Seminar for illustrative purposes.


  • Discussion of terms involved with metes and bounds descriptions (bearings and distance, curves, azimuths ,etc.   Many Hours devoted to Curves issues).
  • Understanding metes and bounds descriptions and inputs to the computer.
  • Merging multiple parcels, with both sections and metes and bounds formats.
  • Calculating areas and closure precision of individual parcels, measure overlaps or gaps.
  • Calculating net areas on multiple tracts as "keeps & exceptions"
  • Solving for one unknown.
  • Dealing with poorly written or incomplete descriptions.
  • Entry of text for labeling.
  • Deed Conversion - reading descriptions directly from word processors
  • Analyze non-closing tracts
  • Drawing easements from Centerline or baseline descriptions and calculating easement areas.
  • A history of the U.S. Rectangular Survey System - aka PLS - Public Lands Survey System(Townships, Ranges & Sections )
  • Connecting parcels to PLS Sectional Monuments
  • "Draw Tract with the Mouse" - free hand in a fence or pond, etc., or "click" around an overlap or gap.
  • Saving files for CAD &/or GIS use with .DXF formats or as a .WMF format for word processors.
  • Obtaining Geo-Referenced & Google Earth Images to use as Background.

If you would like to discuss having a seminar in your area contact Mike

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